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Under the Equality act 2010 , it is unlawful to discriminate against any person with regard to any disability they may have.  This includes the evacuation of your premises in the event of a fire.


            Training at The Ivy Mancester


All our courses are carried out by our training specialists, who cover every aspect of the roles of Dedicated Operators. All Delegates receive reference and training material. On Course completion, all Delegates meeting the training standards are Certificated and deemed competent for their roles.

Our Aim is to:

  • Ensure that all candidates complete the Course and achieve a level of competence which will give them confidence under any condition.
  • Ensure candidates are competent dedicated escorts who can provide assistance to the mobility impaired - enabling them to reach a place of safety in the event of a fire or other emergency.
  • Ensure you meet your legal obligations and be kept up-to-date with new regulations and adequately trained in Emergency Escape Procedures for all, including the mobility impaired.

Evac Training From £299 + VAT


Evacuation Chair Services

Our full range of evacuation chair services include installation, annual servicing, and training and all feature clear and concise pricing. Our installation service ensures that your Evacuation Chair is correctly wall mounted with the appropriate signage and remains easily accessible in an emergency, while all our professional training courses offer certification upon completion.

Servicare ensures you meet your annual servicing requirements for your Evacuation Chair and provides confidence that it will be ready to use in an emergency. Following the service inspection, your Evacuation Chair will be marked with a maintenance sticker, and you will receive a service certificate for your records. This service also includes one additional call-out to site during the year. You can request a servicing quote.

As a Class 1 Medical Device, ypur product should be regulary serviced and maintained to ensure its safe operation, this requirement included within the PUWER Requlation. (Provision and Use of Works Equipment Regulations 1998)